13th March 2020
Scottish Breeds Canine Club Judge Jane Palmer 86 dogs/115 entries

With CRUFTS on the horizon I have put together a SPECIAL OFFER on the British Bearded Collie Champions Books.
I still have a few volume 3 and 4 available and to try and make some room they are available for £30 each or two for £50. PM me and I will put them aside for you. David

16th February 2020
Johan Andersson's critique for Bitches at SCBCC

8th February 2020
We can now sum up 2019 as the BRS 2019-4 has arrived. A total of 302 Bearded Collies were born which is 40 more than the year before. 12 were imported and only 7 exported, quite different figures from 11 years ago when 24 were exported and 2 imported.

A total of 58 dogs had their hips x-rayed with an average of 10.6, a bit higher than recent years. The lowest score was 0/0 and the highest 19/34.

57 had elbows scored and only 4 came back with dysplasia.

6 dogs and 5 bitches were made up to Champion, 8 were awarded their JW and 35 gained their Stud Book Number.

7th February 2020
Shelagh Needham's Critique for Dogs at SCBCC CH SH

All Point Lists updated

CRUFTS 256 dogs/289 entries

MBCC Judge Laura Jay, Talraz
24 Dogs (28 entries) & 41 bitches (52 entries) + 3 NFC

11th January 2020
Janet Lewis' critique for LKA 2019

9th September 2019
The recent PRESS RELEASE from the Kennel Club below regarding the Hereditary clear status of dogs indicates that in some circumstances this status could be regarded as "unsafe".

With this in mind we have come to the decision NOT to list CEA hereditary clear on the BCX website anymore.