11th January 2020
Janet Lewis' critique for LKA 2019

7th January 2020
Manchester 88 dogs/95 entries

28th December 2019
Manchester extd to 2nd Jan

Kim Evans and Yvonne Fox' critiques for BCC

19th November 2019
We are once again removing the litters page from BCX as we do not find it is worth maintaining for the amount of litters that get uploaded on to the website, however, we have decided to allow your forthcoming/born litters advert to be shown on our BCX FaceBook group

15th November 2019
Terry Colwell's critique for Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland

117 dogs/131 entries for LKA

13th November 2019
Emma Bird's critique for South Wales

8th November 2019
All info from BRS 3/2019 uploaded

30th October 2019
Ben Reynolds-Frost's critique for Darlington

27th October 2019
All Point Lists updated after Midland Counties

Cath Parker's critique for Driffield

18th October 2019
Paula Brooks' critique for Bearded Collie Club of Scotland

5th October 2019
Frank Kane's critique for Paignton

9th September 2019
The recent PRESS RELEASE from the Kennel Club below regarding the Hereditary clear status of dogs indicates that in some circumstances this status could be regarded as "unsafe".

With this in mind we have come to the decision NOT to list CEA hereditary clear on the BCX website anymore.