Stud Dogs
This is a list of Stud Dogs available. Just click on the dogs name and all the dogs details and the contact details will appear. Where ever you see [Show] appear, press it and it will reveal more information.

All stud dogs born and/or living in the UK are welcome on this register. If you would like your dog included, please send me a nice photo and information on how to reach you and I will make a special page for your dog with a photo, details and a pedigree.

Here is a list of stud dogs used on a yearly basis, at the top you can click on the year (at the moment we only go back as far as 2008) Above the list of dogs is the total of different dogs used that year, Beside the dogs name is the number of litters and amout of puppies produced.

Dogs used at stud
This is a very comprehensive list of all dogs born 1990 or later used at stud. Please note the recommendation at the top of the list. Below is an alphabetical list of dogs used, their date of birth colour, hip score,pups produced from number of litters and colours produced. On this page you can alter the way your search can be shown, you can click on STUD DOG..DOB..HIP SCORE..PUPPIES..LITTERS, Note: you cannot bring up a list under the colour heading