About HD
Easy to understand information on Hip Dysplasia with diagrams and sample x-rays and explanation of the scoring system here and in FCI countries. If you want a more in depth read then you can click on the link at the end of our article.

Expert Ruth Dennis has kindly given us permission to use her article, Interpretation and use of BVA/KC hip scores in dogs

Hip Score
This register contains all those hip scores that have been sent to The Kennel Club by the British Veterinary Association (B.V.A) since September 1991, and all those dogs tested prior to September 1991 which scored 8 or below (with no more than 6 scoring on one hip). Prior to September 1991, dogs scoring more than 8 (or those which had scored more than 6 on one hip) were not sent to The Kennel Club for publication and will therefore not appear.

Here we have 3 search boxes. When putting things in the Search Boxes, upper and lower cases do not matter.

Search Year,
enter the year you would like to look at and press SEARCH. It will bring up a how many dogs were x-rayed that year and the average score on the top and then a list of all dogs scored in the requested year (alphabetical order) plus the Sire and Dam with their scores and the date the dog was scored.

Search Dog/Affix,
here you can search an individual dog as registered with the KC or search an affix i.e *brenriga* (You must use the stars before and after the affix) As above Sire, Dam and date of score are listed.

Search Stud Dog,
here you can put in the name of the stud dog you are interested in as KC registered, firstly it will show that dogs score and then below a list of all the bitches he mated (that had pups), their hipscore and the resulting registered puppies with all their available hipscores too. Same thing apply here; put in *Affix* and all dogs used at stud with offspring x-rayed will come up.

Here is a brief description of Elbow Dysplasia and the scoring system, below this information you can find a list of any Bearded Collies that we have found that had their elbows scored.

About CEA/CH a brief explanation of CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly)

here you will find the list of all beardies tested to date and the results, scrolling down you will find a list of all litters born to tested clear parents and are therefore hereditary clear too.

The British Veterinary Association/Kennel Club/International Sheepdog Society is better known as the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme or simply the Eye Scheme. Here we list all beardies tested for inherited eye diseases under the above scheme, the results and date tested are listed on the right.