Registrations are based on the year the dog was registered at The Kennel Club, not the year it was born.

Registration statistics 2000 to latest Breed Record Supplement, showing the year, number registered, litters, average litter size, Exports, Imports and re-imports, dogs , bitches, and the figures and % of each colour born. Note, since there are so many variations in the way you register the colours of your puppies we had to reduce the colours to the 4 basic ones, otherwise the coloumns would be endless.

Can take a few seconds to load as there is a huge amount of data on this page, All registrations listed from 2000 to 2013 at present. Click on the year and the page will open to show all litters registered with the KC in that particular year. (please note this is date of registration not DOB of litter) All dog names are clickable and will open up a new page with a pedigree and a picture (if one has been provided to us)

We are hoping to update our registrations in the near future, Kina is very busy at the moment with work (and travelling to some rather nice countries ), but she IS our data base queen so we have to wait until she can find some spare time.

2000-latest Breed Record Supplement. All listed in date order, just click on a year to show all the information.