Hovering the mouse over current will bring up another sub-menu

Schedule, Results and critiques for current year,
Clicking on this link will provide you with a list of all shows for the current year, plus the date of show and the judge.

Clicking on the judges name will bring up a list of previous shows where they have awarded CC's and the main winners for that show, you can click on available results to see class results and read the critique if we hold one. If there is a "P" by the judges name that means we hold a profile for that judge and this will also be visible by clicking on the name.

Before the actual show date there will be entry closing dates for that show and then after the show the actual entries will be displayed with the results for that show, click on view results. When we have uploaded the critique you can click on "read critique". Championship shows are listed first and by scrolling down you will find all the Breed Club Open shows below.

Click on the dogs name for the pedigree and if there is a * by the dogs name there will also be a photo.

CC list for the current year,
Listed in date order are the shows, judges and then the CC and RCC winners for that show. It will also tell you the total amount of CC's that a particular dog has won to the date of that show. Again you can click on the dogs name to reveal the pedigree and photo if one is availabe.

Champions for the current year,
Here you will find a list of dogs gaining their title in this year, 1st. 2nd and 3rd CC's are listed with the name of show and the Judges name for each of the CC's awarded. Click on dogs name for pedigree and photo if available. Click on the show to get full results.

BCX Points Award
Click on this link to bring up the points each dog has gained at championship shows as per the rules which you can find by clicking on the link top right corner. On view at all times are the up to date top ten places in each catergory. You can also click on FULL LIST DOGS/BITCHES etc below each top ten chart, however these are only updated once a month. The points shaded RED are the ones that count...see rules.

A recent addition to BCX. This is an overview of the show with pictures and information of the winners on the day.

JW and ShCM for the current year
This is a list of all dogs gaining their JW and shCM during the year, clicking on the dogs name will bring up pedigree and photo.

Stud Book Number
List of dogs gaining entry in to the stud book for the current year with the stud book number.

General Open show critiques,
Here is a list of some General Open Bearded Collie results, Listed in date order with the name of show and the judge.

Schedule for the following year
List of shows for the next year to the current. Judge, date, closing dates and entries as soon as they become available. Click on the judges name to see their previous appointments.