About COI
A simple explanation of Inbreeding Co-efficients, please take the time to read this introduction as it contains information on the subject and how our 5 generation COI is calculated. There are a few links at the end, if you would like to read more.

AVERAGE COEFFICIENT OF INBREEDING Bearded Collie 2000-2013. A graph showing the mainly decreasing COI over the last 13 years and a table showing how this is related to litters born in those years.

Individual dog
Here you can find the COI of any single dog. You must enter the name of the dog EXACTLY as it is registered at the KC. You can also enter an affix in the search box i.e *Charncroft* and this will bring up a list of all dogs with Charncroft in the name. Or you can put in any part of the name with the * before and after. Note if you get "Your search expression returned more than 100 results" you will have to narrow down the search result. For example there are 274 dogs with Charncroft in their name so the list will only bring up the first 100 (in alphabetic order) Try instead to write *Charncroft Cr* if you are looking for Charncroft Cragsman.

Test mating
Here you can find the COI for future puppies from a mating. You can put in the full name of the dog and bitch and click the get SIRE and get DAM. The pedigree and COI of the future pups will be shown below. Alternatively you can just put in part of the name i.e Potterdale, click get sire (or Dam) and then look for any dog with that affix in the drop down list to the right. This will bring up the COI on the mating on a 5 generation pedigree. Note, there is a link TEST MATING - View pedigree in separate Window and if you click this link it will open up in a new window and you can then go back and make another test mating and open that one up and compare them.