Gertie Bjorklund, Kristina Holmqvist, Mo Sewell

Its hard to believe that over a year has passed since our last article, and when , Margaret Harkin and the now new editor Tony Burscough asked me for a follow up piece I thought at first that maybe I would find it hard to have enough material to report on, but we even amazed ourselves as to just how much we had completed to put into BCX in the last twelve months.

Gertie and Kina have worked hard on finding us a new Web Hotel and Domain as six months ago it became necessary to change as the amount of traffic using the website and huge amounts of data stored had almost reached our permitted level, Gertie and Kina managed to do this in time to prevent us "crashing" and therefore keep BC< running smoothly. It did however mean we had to change our web address to .... and our email to

Obviously we have all been working hard to keep the website updated on all the various pages and on top of this we have released new projects, the first being our COI -Inbreeding Coefficient. We are so grateful to Kina and her very talented partner Lars Vikland as without them our COI calculator would never have got off the ground. With this tool you can search for the COI of individual dogs and get accurate comparisons with test Feelings, and as our 5 generation calculation is totally complete your results will compare accurately. Also when you do test matings you can see how the resulting COI of any puppies from these coatings compare with the breed average on 5 generations. We are pleased to say that we know how useful you have found this tool and thank you for your feedback.

We have also completed an article on HD (Hip Dysplasia). It's a brief description of the hip structure with a diagram of the joint, there is information on the disease along with two radiographs, and an explanation on the scoring system at the BVA(British Veterinary Association) also what you need to know when taking your dogs for frays and scoring. Finally on this page there is a chart comparing the FCI (Europe) scores with those in the UK.

Often when I am at shows I have been asked if we had considered doing our own points system, we had actually got this on our never-ending "To Do" list from last year (when I think we are finally getting through it Gertie just adds more!!) So this became our third new project. We wanted a fair system in place so Gertie set aboutour new BCX Points Awards and it was decided we would trial an entry based points calculation, all the details of how the points are allocated can be found on the website under SHOW and then scrolling down to the relative title in the sub menu. Briefly though there will be an award for Best Dog, Best Bitch, Best Breeder and Best Veteran. We still have to decide what the "award" will consist of, if you have any suggestions we are always happy to hear from you, and you can contact me by email or phone.

Another of our recent projects has been the 'Interviews in Progress'.-page. Found under the BREED menu they are accessed by clicking on the doorliandle. These interviews have been of great interest to us all and very popular with both readers and writers alike. Of course we will be adding new ones in the future. Our criteria for the moment for the interviews is the writer has to be a championship show judge, and bred at least one champion and of course an experienced breeder. As you can Imagine the list is quite long I

At the time of writing we well into the next projects, firstly updating our show procedure, it will be more in depth and we hope it will go to print in the shape of a lovely colour magazine, maybe now at the time of reading it will al-ready be done I secondly we are at the moment working on an article on Genetics, this may take some time as we consult with various experts on all scientific subjects and so have to wait for their input and advice to add to our own infor-mation, again this may now be available on BCX as you read this. Other projects are the introduction of printable pedigrees with designs for you to choose from, and many more statistics in all areas of BCX.

We endeavour, when writing articles/projects, to try and explain them in a non-too scientific way, it is important that when reading them they are written in such a way as we can "take it all in" without becoming confused with words we may not understand (without a dictionary to hand that isl ) Education and Information is our main aim so writing articles that will achieve this is very important to us. We , hope you enjoy reading them and of course if you have any comments we are al-ways happy to receive them. Gertie, Kina and myself may be the "workers" on BCX but we like to think this is YOUR website and your input has been invaluable so far. We thank you all again for your help over the last twelve months.

Now its onwards and upwards for the next year, we have many new projects on our "to do" list, so we hope you will have plenty to read about in the 2014 edition of the EBCA magazine.

Mo Sewell.