Gertie Bjorklund, Kristina Holmqvist, Mo Sewell

Gertie and Kina are both from Sweden but for Gertie the UK has always held a special place in her heart, she says she has a soft spot for everything British, the British humour, the people and the language, and, it has been like that for as long as she can remember, she said the first time she set foot in the UK some 25 years ago it felt like home and insists that she was British in a former life and that if she could choose she would like to be British in her next one!

Gertie does not remember when the idea about BCX first came into her head but that it had been there long before she set about making it, she had talked about it for years but never seemed to have the time to do anything about it. She was running a site for Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish show results and doing a lot of work for the Swedish Bearded Collie Club, plus designing and updating several websites. Then in 2010 she said to herself, what are dreams for if you do not try to realise them. So she started running the idea of it to several British breeders and friends, in actual fact it was Althea Richardson who came up with the name “The British Bearded Collie Connexion”. Gertie and her good friend Kina had been talking for a long time about utilizing her database but again had never got round to doing anything about it, Kina happily gave Gertie the thumbs up when it was suggested to her that they should make a go of it. It was in June 2010 that they both started the time consuming work and then in Autumn 2010 they launched the site and held their breath! as they had no idea how the new site would be received, but at least they both thought it was a brilliant idea !!!! However they were not to be disappointed as BCX was embraced and soon became very popular both in the UK and the rest of the world. Gertie and Kina both realised very early that they needed a person “On Site”.... Gertie knew exactly what she wanted but not who that person was. It was Mal Baker who suggested ‘ME’ to Gertie, so she rang me up. When she first approached me about working with her and Kina on BCX I must admit at first I thought that it was not for me, the website at that time was in its very early stages but nonetheless looking very impressive and I felt a bit daunted by it, so I sort of said NO!

Gertie often reminds me of her surprise that I did not jump at this “Golden Opportunity” and was determined to change my mind! She is famous for her powers of persuasion so in the end I decided to give it a go and I have to say I have never regretted that decision, I love being part of, and able to contribute to this brilliant website we now have. In the early days we had many new projects to tackle alongside the constant updating of the existing menu, to say Gertie worked me hard is an understatement but I found myself really enjoying the challenge.

So here we are almost two years down the road and we still have lots of ideas for the future, like printable pedigree’s, inbreeding coefficients and
a new search just to mention a few. Today, with 16 000 visits every month, BCX has proven itself to be a valuable source of information and has excelled our wildest imagination. I am sure most of you are familiar with BCX but for those of you who are not we can be found at this will take you to our homepage where you will find lots to explore by clicking on the titles and images. There is an easy to follow menu at the top of the page, clicking on each of these will open up new sub-menu’s for for you to use. The information on BCX is extensive so it will take you some time to navigate all that is on offer and of course I am always on hand for you to telephone or email to help you with any problems you have navigating or finding the information you require, my contact details are on the homepage. All three of us are very proud of what we have achieved, we have been approached by people in other breeds who want a site like BCX too, this makes us all feel good and along with all your wonderful comments and fabulous support for what we do really makes it all worthwhile. For the moment our database contains over 70,000 Bearded Collies, and the same amount of show results. there are over 25000 critiques, 1800 Stud Book Number holders and more than 3000 Hip Score results..... quite impressive don’t you think!

So many of you have helped us in tracking down the information we have on BCX so a big thanks to you all, we must however mention in particular Yvonne Fox, Ruth Scott, Ann Wilding, Denise Barley and Maureen Betts for searching their attics for old critiques and to Jenny Felton......our typing whizz kid! Lots of you have sent in photo’s, critiques and other material, without you BCX would not be the same...keep up the good work folks!

And June all three of us meet for the first time as Gertie is bringing our database queen Kina to Windsor, so far Kina and I have been just cyber space co-workers, I am so looking forward to catching up in person, it will be a great day for all of us to be together at last!

Mo Sewell.